These are the brave folks who dared risk life, limb, and reputation by offering to sponsor a show of such questionable taste as BAD HEAD. We want to thank them all for their support, their good humor, and their willingness to actually put their money where our hands are.

Amy Leigh Schaub
Ben Tucker
Tara Poultney

Susan Tromans
Nicole Unger
Joanna Russo
John Tomasello Jr.
Norm Kresge
Peggy Caroll Coggins
Lisa Fortunato

Regina Carroll
Alyson Palmer

Adam Solinger
James Montalbano

Robert Larson

And also a special thanks to those persons who decided not to be acknowledged by name.

BAD HEAD, a comedy horror shlockfest, is the brainchild of John Tomasello, the creator of the highly successful and well-received SANTA CLAUS VS. THE MARTIANS. Embracing his love of bad science fiction films of a bygone era, Tomasello has developed another sendup of horror staples. This time his attention has turned from Santa's workshop to the mad scientist's lab, where heads are rolling, a monster is on the loose, and even Hitler's head stops by for a visit.

This show has been generously sponsored by our fans via Kickstarter, and as such we have pledged to participate in the KICKING IT FORWARD Program. Click the image for more information on the program.







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